Monitoring System

After our caregivers go through our screening process and have been successfully on boarded as one of our team members, we provide them with training on our electronic visit verification application they can down load on their smart phone.

How does this application help you?

  •  The office can monitor when the caregiver arrives and leaves the home.
  • Caregivers use the client’s phone or a Mobile App on their smartphone to clock in and out. The system verifies their “Caller ID” or “GPS”
  • The caregiver can review all the task the nurse assigned when they create the customized care plan for the patient at the start of care assessment.
  • The caregivers can review all their patient schedules.
  • Visit status is instantly updated to the office.
  • The office receives notification when the caregiver is late.
  • Communication is improved through the mobile application as it allows the office to message all the caregivers while in the community caring for our patients.

This allows the office to spend less time on manual labor and more time focused on your care and finding qualified caregivers to serve our communities.


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